Special Assistance

Blind Passengers with Guide Dogs

Blind passengers may be accompanied by a guide dog in the cabin, provided that the dog is properly harnessed and muzzled.

The dog is not permitted to occupy a seat and must not block the aisle. Where necessary, permits must be obtained for entry into the country of transit and/or destination.

Primera Air is not responsible, if a guide dog is refused entry or passage through any country.

Wheelchair Service

This service is provided for passengers who have difficulties in moving to, from or within the aircraft.

Please inform your travel agent if wheelchair assistance is needed, and specify whether you are travelling with your own wheelchair and whether it is electric.

Extra Oxygen

Primera Air’s policy on the carriage and provision of oxygen is as follows:

  • Passengers are not permitted to carry their own supply of oxygen onboard.
  • Primera Air is unable to supply oxygen for passengers with known requirements.
  • Emergency oxygen onboard is carried for unpremeditated use and is not for passengers with known requirements.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable air concentrators (POC) do not contain oxygen as such; they only concentrate the oxygen in the surrounding area. Thus they should not be confused with oxygen bottles/cylinders! Under the European regulations, POCs do not have to be approved to be carried and used on-board. As POCs contain batteries, they fall under the definition of portable electronic devices (PEDs). 

Use of portable oxygen concentrators is permitted in flight. In accordance with European regulations, medical equipment necessary to support physiological functions (i.e. POCs) does not need to be switched off during any phases of the flight.

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During movement on the ground, take-off and landing, the unit must be:

  • Stowed as cabin luggage in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures, or
  • Should the user require the unit to be operated during the above phases of flight, the unit must be stowed in such a way that it does not restrict any passenger’s access to, or use of, any emergency exit or regular exit or the aisle(s) in the passenger compartment

Passengers intending to bring and use their Portable Oxygen Concentrators onboard shall:

  • contact Primera Air Call Centre at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure,
  • possess a medical certificate / physician’s statement verifying the passenger’s ability to operate the device and stating the necessary extent of inflight use, and
  • once onboard, notify the Cabin Chief.