Seat Reservations

We recommend choosing and reserving your seat in advance to make sure you and your travel companions sit together.

Seat reservations are available up to 7 days prior to departure.

You can reserve your seat during the online booking process or, if you already have a booking with Primera, please visit Manage Booking and sign in using your last name and booking number to reserve your seat.

We try to honour all seat requests, however, limited accommodation, changes in the type of aircraft and other circumstances occasionally mean that you will be requested to change your seat.

All seat reservations made during or after the booking process are subject to a charge.

Please see our Table of Fees for more information.

Sitting in Emergency Exit rows

People sitting in emergency exit rows are subject to the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 12 years old
  • You may not require the assistance of an escort or staff
  • You are not pregnant
  • You have no temporary disabilities (such as strained muscles, broken bones or other injuries, etc.) or permanent disabilities that may keep you from providing emergency assistance if required by the crew
  • You must be willing and capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, such as opening or closing an aircraft door
  • You must be able to understand evacuation procedures and the crew’s instructions, and verbally convey such information to other passengers
  • You must be able to communicate in English
  • You should not have to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation
  • You may not be accompanied by a child or infant
  • You consent to providing assistance in case of an emergency evacuation
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Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats will be requested to assist during an emergency evacuation under instructions of cabin crew for the safety of all passengers.

Passengers who have chosen the seats in an emergency row, will be checked by cabin crew for compliance with the abovementioned requirements. If the passenger does not meet the requirements for sitting in an emergency exit row seat, an alternative seat will be assigned to this passenger by the cabin crew and seat reservation will not be refunded.