Charter Booking Request

Primera Air is operating according to the highest aviation and service standards and does not overlook any detail so that our customers can be pleasantly surprised by the level of service and comfort before, in and after the flight and also on-board.

Responsiveness: 24 h response for any inquiry.

Reliability: we commit to provide seamless operational services to our customers.

Attention to details: a dedicated charter manager will support your flight on a 24/7 basis.

Convenience and privacy: VIPs, sports teams, incentive trips, military charters – these are just a few to mention from our extensive portfolio of charter experience. We know how to make it easy and enjoyable, be it check-in, security screening or the flight itself.

Customer focus: our customer is our greatest value, and your experience with us should be nothing but perfect. We make sure it is.

Tailored services: gourmet culinary, special assistance or private transfer?

You name it – we’ll do it.

Boeing 737-700

148 passengersMaximum Take off weight: 70 080 kgMaximum operating altitude: 41 000 feet (12 496 m)True airspeed: 877 km/hRange fully loaded: 6 370 km

Boeing 737-800

189 passengersMaximum Take off weight: 78 999 kgMaximum operating altitude: 41 000 feet (12 496 m)True airspeed: 877 km/hRange fully loaded: 5 765 km

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