Best day to go flying this weekend?

If you’re planning on flying this weekend FLYER weatherman, Sunday is looking the better day according to Dr Weather (aka Simon Keeling).

Saturday morning looks reasonable at first in the east of Scotland and England but showery rain in the west is forecast to push east during the day bringing lowering cloud bases. Local flying may be okay but the west isn’t looking that good.

Sunday is the better of the days, although it will be breezy. Brighter skies follow behind early rain on the northwest wind. This brings higher cloud bases but you’ll need to be on the watch for showers. These are most likely in areas exposed to the wind, so north & west Wales, northwest England, the West Midlands, and north and west Scotland. Freezing levels will be lower on Sunday too so watch out for icing, especially around the showers.

The chart above is the forecast for midday on Sunday and shows cloud (in white), rain amounts (green numbers) and isobars (closer the isobars, the stronger the wind).

Simon constantly updates the forecasts at and you can follow him on Twitter @weatherschool

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